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8/10/2016 Attention teachers, this Website offers FREE resume posting. Do post your resumes,  employers are searching our teacher database everyday looking for you!

8/10/2016 Attention employers, this website continues to offer posting services for your job offering. New instructions for posting will update on August 15, 2016. After August 15, 2016 please follow new updated instructions for posting.

12/18/2015 Language teachers! This Website offers FREE resume posting. Do post your resumes, many employers are searching our teacher database everyday looking for you!

10/9/2015 Attention Employers!!! We now offer FREE posting for your job ads. It is also FREE now to have unlimited access to our teacher database! Just register!

8/27/2015  Do you know that a lot of parents of young students are searching to find foreign language tutors to teach their kids? So, if you want to make some friends, build some connections, and, earn income, SIGN UP to become tutors! Especially if you are in that country already, working or studying. Sign up into the “Local teachers” section, for parents to find you sooner!

2/3/2014  New! New! New! Free job ads posting! Attention: Employers: For a limited time only: this site will offer FREE job ad postings. Hurry and post your teaching positions on this site and save hundreds of dollars! Check out our resume pages, more and more talented language teachers from everywhere are posting resumes on our site. Post your job ad on our site for FREE and find your desired one today! (Employers: post your job ads as usual by filling out information sheet, then you will be permitted to skip the payment process to directly jump to postings!)

12/5/2013  Attention employers:
This site serves to help you find potential teachers of all languages, no matter how popular, or rare, the language is, and no matter where the talented teacher currently resides. Post your ad here, or search our resume database for your desired one! (This site offers free resume-posting, we are attracting lots and lots of talented language teachers who are travelers at heart, and who are at this moment looking for you! Post your job ad TODAY!)

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“Dear Oneworldteacher: Thank you for your offer. We have just posted our vacancies. We noticed that your website has been well prepared.”
–Jay Lee, HR Director (of a Korean Educational Organization)